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Children’s Home India was established ten years ago. Operating from three locations ie. Chennai, Bangaluru and Orissa , we people are committed to provide a bright future to the children by providing good food,shelter and education. We provide a good environment to the children who are with us. We have a number of people who are volunteering with us.

Programs for children and youth include : camps, personality development, schooling. Children Home India espicially for the under previledged children, takes roots as we have stepped together in one accord to nurture and bring a peaceful life for the children. Our motto abides with our mission statement- " Love ,Serve and Grow together to make life more beautiful and meaningful." We motivate ourselves to dedicate in the upbringing of all the children.

We strive to bring in discipline which is the most important quality when we look at the life of any individual. Discipline is way far important than sacrifice says the Bible. The good news is all about giving the best and showing the best way. We are happy that we have achieved it so far. Our roots as Children Home India has strong backgrounds with proper guidance from spiritual leaders like Pastor. James Pandian. We motivate and join campaigns with organizations or groups who follow the same rules as we do. ie. Love and serve from the bottom of your heart.

We are very happy for CHILDREN HOME INDIA and are dedicated to improving the lives of children who are with us. If you would like to learn more about how you can help the kids there are a variety of volunteer opportunities. Do you want to make a charitable donation – please take some time to check out the rest of our site. We thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of giving children a childhood and future! We basically focus on Integrity, knowledge ,quality and diversity. Would you like to join us do in any way. Please feel free to email us at or write to us here.