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Children Home India  is partnered with other organizations and missions. The two most important ventures are ,

Gypsy, Dalit and tribal and communities that suffer from inadequate housing, low-paying jobs, and insufficient food.While larger impoverished groups receive attention from the local government and humanitarian organizations, smaller groups of fewer than 100 families are often overlooked. This is where Harvest Bridge steps in. Gypsy And Tribal Empowerment (GATE) has been created in Tamil Nadu, India by a local Indian woman, Prabha, to train pastors and provide community development services to gypsy and tribal people. This includes helping them gain rights to land, education, and job training, and better water and electricity supplies. Over twenty villages have benefited in some way from this ministry. To know more about the mission visit here.

Supporting Missionaries

We support nearly 20 missionaries who do the Lords work in various parts of India. We provide them with all the required support to do the work of the lord in all accord happily and joyfully.