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We at CHILDREN HOME INDIA lead children into a creating environments in which children are encouraged to share their love with one another. We teach them good moral values .We teach them to be loving, caring and friendly. We provide an atmosphere wherein they are trained in all aspects of life be it education or physical training like swimming, sport etc. We create special classes to embed optimism in the children.
We not only want to create a community that is self sufficent but also a community which will have a mind to help the people who are really in need. Our vision statement is " we wil grow and help people who are in need always". We have planted this seed in each and every child who is nurtured at CHILDREN HOME INDIA.
We have actively involved in two projects Building Home Project We are building a home for the children at Chennai, East Coast Road. We are trying to provide the best when it comes to living.A beautiful living room, separate rooms for a group of children,play court, food court. Under previledged Projects We have a project that is exclusive for the gypsy community, we want a better standard of living for them.We conduct regular meetings for them.